Sunday, April 19, 2009

Work-in-progress disturbs citizens in Vijayanagar

Work-in-progress disturbs citizens in Vijayanagar
BANGALORE: One of the oldest residential localities in Bangalore, Vijayanagar used to be a pensioners’ paradise. Its fame as the greener part of Bangalore is slowly on the decline with its trees getting axed for road-widening and Metro Rail work.

A densely-populated Vijaynagar is dotted with development work that is unevenly distributed.

The constituency lacks good footpaths. With market and bus stand situated on the main road, Vijayanagar bustles with commercial activities.

Though residents in the constituency feel they are fortunate enough to have basic civic amenities, the slow progress of infrastructure work like pedestrian sub-way at Vijayanagar bus stand and road over drain from RPC Layout to Bapujinagar connecting Mysore Road has put residents to hardships.

Bad roads, encroached footpaths, lack of public toilets and choked drains welcome you at Avalahalli, Byatarayanapura, Timber Yard Layout, Cholurpalya and Kempapura Agrahara.

Vijayanagar houses a first-ofits- kind digital public library, which is one of the largest in Karnataka. Vijayanagar has many well-recognised educational institutions and large number of temples. There are enough parks and a club for recreational activities.

Stray dogs

RPC Layout Residents’ Forum Secretary M S Allama Prabhu said that the big menace is the presence of stray dogs in the locality.

“Of late, playgrounds have been converted into parks thereby forcing children to play on the roads, which is unsafe for them,” he added.

Prabhu said that the political party that comes to power should create more job opportunities rather than just giving false assurances in their manifesto.

Vijayanagar Citizens’ Forum Joint Secretary T Ramu said that the area lacks proper solid waste management and drainage system.

“To avoid encroachments on footpaths and roads, a hawkers’ zone should be created,” he said.

Ramu said that separate market for petty vendors by BBMP has been lying vacant for a decade.

“It had spent several lakhs of rupees for that and vendors refused to shift. Now it’s become a shelter for stray animals and beggars,” he lamented.

The residents complain about the pathetic condition of the Vijayanagar bus stand and the unruly BMTC buses.

Though there is no major problem for drinking water, a few residents in the constituency complain of irregular water supply.

Open storm water drain is a matter of concern for the slum dwellers, which gets choked and inundates homes.

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