Sunday, April 19, 2009

Get set for a greener Arkavati basin DNA: Bangalore

DNA: Bangalore: Get set for a greener Arkavati basin
Over the last three years, a non-governmental organisation in Bangalore has been working to restore the greenery around the Thippagondanahalli catchment area.
The NGO, Parisara, in collaboration with the state government, had formed a trust named 'Spoorthivana' in 2005.

Since then, the trust has planted about 3,000 saplings over the last three years. It now plans to plant 7,000 more saplings in the next four months.

The plans do not end there. Another re-greening drive will be taken up along the entire stretch from Nandi Hills to TG Halli, covering the stretch of the Arkavati river basin.
Parisara has also tied up with the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board and has planted 3,000 saplings of jackfruit, mango, jamun and species of ficus (fig) in the board's 300 acres of land in the area.

At present, the trust is spending about Rs50,000 on every hectare of land that it maintains.

Eshwar Prasad, convener of the trust said, "When we started the trust, we had planned to plant at least 20,000 saplings in three years. But we did not have enough support from the public then. Now we are being supported by the citizens. But we also require donations from them to help us maintain the plants."

He said, "Individuals need to pay only Rs500 to plant a sapling, after which Parisara will take care of the sapling for the next five years. We will also give each registered citizen an identity card and a certificate about their plant."

People can mark special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries by planting a sapling as well.

As of now, the State Bank of India and the State Bank of Mysore have planted 200 saplings in the area.

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