Sunday, April 19, 2009

Byatarayanapura & its battered citizens

This newly-formed constituency welcomes one with open drains, stagnant water, piles of garbage and battered roads. Byatarayanapura recently became part of BBMP and is semi-urban in nature, with a few well-developed localities and a few villages. The constituency has problems galore.

From irregular drinking water supply to mosquito menace, the residents have a list of problems which need to be addressed on a priority basis. Non-availability of Cauvery water is of great concern to residents here and they had been fighting for this even before the constituency was formed.

The constituency, with apartments, layouts, slum and villages, is plagued by infrastructure woes too. Poor sanitation system is another worry here. Except a few stretches of roads in the posh Sahakarnagar area, other roads in the constituency are a nightmare “We do not get Cauvery water supply and we get only borewell water that too once or twice a week,” said Thangappa, a resident of Amruthahalli. The plight of people in the villages that have been newly merged with BBMP, is worse with no civic amenities at all. The voters here complain that they do not have access to safe drinking water, proper sanitation and transportation.

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