Sunday, April 19, 2009

Metro rail, realty attracting maximum investment: Assocham

The Hindu News Update Service
Metro rail, sewerage and real estate are the top areas attracting maximum investment in the infrastructure sector in metros across the country in the last six months, industry body Assocham said.

In the last six months metro rail attracted investment worth Rs 34,038 crore followed by sewerage (Rs 21,434 crore), real estates (Rs 15,170 crore), hospitality (Rs 13,010 crore), SEZs (Rs 10, 500 crore), transport (Rs 6,283 crore ), roadways (Rs 5,819 crore) and water supply (Rs 5,757 crore), it said.

Construction of metro rail is being carried on three cities including Bangalore (Rs 6,395 crore), Delhi (Rs 8,118 crore) and Mumbai (Rs 19,525 crore), it said.

Mumbai has attracted the highest amount of investment of Rs 16,694.67 crore in the sewerage segment followed by Chennai (Rs 1,588 crore) and Bangalore (Rs 1,354 crore), the chamber said.

Assocham President Sajjan Jindal said the Indian metros continue to be the favourite destination for real estate development.

Bangalore is the frontrunner in terms of real estate projects planned for the metros with the investment estimated at Rs 7,990 crore, it said, adding that Hyderabad with projects worth Rs 4,050 in the realty space in the second spot

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