Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sewage, worms flow out of taps -Bangalore-Cities-The Times of India

Sewage, worms flow out of taps -Bangalore-Cities-The Times of India: "Residents of Armstrong Road, Bharathinagar, woke up on Saturday to what is already a routine horror in many parts of the city: sewage and worms flowing out of taps. Word was immediately sent out and BWSSB stopped the water supply in an hour's time.

Residents then informed MLA Roshan Baig, who responded to their call and inspected the area and water flow. He called up senior BWSSB officials and requested them to examine water and sewage pipes.

As has been the case in many parts of the city, authorities found the pipes adjacent to each other and leakage from one affecting the other. Former corporator M Pari said water pipes measure 8 inches and sewage pipes about 6 inches.

"BWSSB has started work on a war footing on Armstrong Road to place sanitary and water pipes at different locations. Even Police Lane and A, B, C and D streets require separate locations for the pipes. A proposal has been approved for complete overhaul. Authorities have reacted positively and we hope work will get done soon," he said. This is not the first such instance in Bharathinagar in recent times. Complaints poured in from the residents forum in March-April too that sewage was infecting drinking water.

The Armstrong Road area has sanitary and water pipes lying adjacent for over 40 years and the problem can only be sorted out once the pipes are relocated.

Sewage on road

There is sewage all over the road on Veerapillai Street and vehicles get stuck in water. Residents have been facing the overflow problem for days and no action has been taken.

Residents say leaking drains make the road stink. The leak at some points affects water supply too. This might give a fertile ground for mosquitoes to breed and diseases to spread. Residents say the authorities should do something quickly before things go from bad to worse."