Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life gets a toon twist

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Indian Cartoon Gallery is currently exhibiting a series of cartoons by freelance cartoonist GS Naganath. Titled ‘Fine Toons’, the art work take you on a satirical trip of the present day life. Naganath has creatively presented the current issues affecting common man using humour as a tool.

His work ponder on plethora of issues such as pollution, power failure, lack of water supply, depletion of greenery, void election promises and so on. Most of the illustrations give a comparative sketch in three frames.

There is one cartoon showing the past, present and the future of Bangalore.

The different frames representing different sobriquets the city has earned and a prospective one — the good old ‘Garden City’, the current pride ‘Silicon City’ and the futuristic ‘Concrete City’.

Another attention grabbing work graphs how the advertisements have changed their selling strategies just for the sake of it. The ad is about a hair product. The first frame highlights the need of good hair to become an actress, in the second, to become a sportswoman and the third shows lustrous hair as the key to become a cricketer.

A cartoon that will bring a smile on your face (even though the issue hits us everyday), is a funny take on the confusing road signs in the city.

Except for one or two cartoons, something that you might miss is the caricatures’ favourite subject -- politicians.

He has used the general ‘neta’ to portray the political milieu instead of directly picking on a single person.

The sketches are defined and vivid and bold colours add to the finesse.

The exhibition is on till April 13.

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