Thursday, July 29, 2010

Repair work leaves many areas waterless - Bangalore - City - The Times of India

Repair work leaves many areas waterless - Bangalore - City - The Times of India

BANGALORE: 72 hours without water supply. That's the plight of the residents of V V Puram, Kaval Byrasandra, Cambridge Layout, some parts of Sahakarnagar, BSK 2nd Stage and parts of Malleswaram.

Although the two-day maintenance work by the BWSSB has ended in all these areas, water supply hasn't resumed. A BWSSB spokesperson said: "In areas where water is supplied every alternate day, if one day is missed, then they are likely to receive supply on the fourth day. In others, we've started supplying water from Thursday evening.''

B S Mani of V V Puram, exasperated by the BWSSB, said: "It's most unfortunate that the engineers had not calculated the pressure of water a pipe can carry. That's why the pipe on the Lalbagh West Gate main road burst and repair work was inevitable. The work has stopped but there's no respite for us. BWSSB stopped water supply for two days but we didn't receive any water on the third day as well. The situation is pathetic," Mani added.

A block of Sahakarnagar usually gets water once every three days, and even seven days at times. M R Seetharam, a resident of this area, said: "We have not received water since Tuesday. The situation has forced us to build huge water tanks, which can store water for four days. If we do not receive water supply on Saturday, we have find other ways. The situation gets worse when repair work is undertaken in the locality."

While Shashi from Kaval Byrasandra said that on Thursday evening, the locality did receive some water, it wasn't sufficient for the next two days. Suma Raj, a resident of 2nd Cross, Malleswaram, said: "We haven't received water for the past two days but we've managed. But now, what do we do?"

The BWSSB assurance doesn't seem to have reached these people in utter distress. They will be happy only when they finnaly get to water flowing their taps.

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