Thursday, July 29, 2010

‘Hike in water tariff inevitable’

‘Hike in water tariff inevitable’

Hike in water tariff inevitable’
Bangalore, Jan 2, DH News Service:

Warning of an inevitable hike in water tariffs in the near future, BWSSB Minister Katta Subramanya Naidu on Saturday said revenue of the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board have fallen by 50 per cent.

Speaking after releasing the 2010 technical diary of the Bangalore Jalamandali Abhiyantharara Sangha here, the Minister, without specifying the quantum of hike proposed or the date of its implementation, said: “The increasing water connections, due to the growth of the City has also resulted in wastage of water and there is absolutely no saving.”

He then suggested that BWSSB adopt about 1,085 lakes on the outskirts of the City for maintenance. Also small check dams could be constructed to harvest rainwater that could be used for the City. “There exists a dire need to harvest rainwater and even recycle water. The government will also allocate Rs 1,000 crore for implementation of rainwater harvesting schemes. Institutes of excellence such as Tata Institute and PSUs - HAL and BEL - housed in large campuses can also effectively implement rainwater harvesting” Katta said.

Tribunal award

The minister added that the City would require 1,200 MLD of water by 2011-12 and rued the 25 per cent shortage that exists. “We are able to supply only 800 MLD, out of which 500 MLD comes from the Cauvery. The saturation point is 1,350 MLD. We cannot supply water beyond this as per the tribunal award” he pointed out and issued a stern warning to those found directing sewerage water into storm water drains. “We are adopting a zero sewerage policy ” the minister stated.

He also instructed BWSSB to adopt better borewell management initiatives to control borewell water and stop leakages.

On the positive side, he lauded BWSSB for being accorded first place by the Centre, in water management schemes.

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