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Plumbers to popularise Rain Water Harvesting

Plumbers to popularise Rain Water Harvesting

Plumbers to popularise Rain Water Harvesting
S Lalitha, Bangalore, March 12, DH News Service:

Renewal of BWSSB plumber licences now comes with a rider. They should have installed at least ten Rain Water Harvesting Units.

Frustrated in its efforts to popularise Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) in the City, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has recently decided to crack the whip on plumbers as the deadline (March 31) for renewal of licences is fast nearing.

A circular to the effect has been issued by the BWSSB chairperson Dr B Ramamurthy in the first week of February, according to a top source in the Board.

The licences are renewed once every two years. “As the renewal was last done before March 31, 2008, they need to be renewed before March 2010 elapses,” he informed.
The result of the new rule is is that the 600 licenced plumbers of BWSSB will now now contribute their share in spreading the RWH concept across the City.


The deadline for installation of RWH structures in all new houses and those with sital dimensions of 60’ x 40’ is May 27. The BWSSB had in January this year announced an incentive of Rs 10,000 for each plumber who succeeded in installing 100 RWH structures.
“This failed to generate the expected enthusiasm as plumbers kept lamenting that convincing owners of even ten houses to opt for RWH units was a tough job. This forced the department to go in for a rethink and this circular is an outcome of the process,” the source said. The Rs 10,000 incentive continues to hold good.

The effect

The order appears to have helped in popularising RWH. As on date (March 11), 10,351 houses including new and existing buildings, have opted for RWH. another official said.
“Of these, roughly 60 per cent have been installed in new houses while 40 per cent of the units have come up on existing buildings,” he added.

The number has clearly shown a surge in the last one month from 8,000 RWH units by end of January to over 10,000 now.

“The change in attitude by plumbers is the main reason,” the official felt.
Overall, there are 55,000 existing buildings in the City which need to install RWH and only nearly 4,000 have complied so far.

“There is still a long way to go but the impact of the circular is bound to goad plumbers to achieve at least the minimum expected of them for the sake of their licences,” he said.
BWSSB Plumbers Association General Secretary, Subbana said they had given an assurance to officials that each plumber would meet the ten units required of them.
“This is feasible. However, installing RWH in 100 houses in three months is just impossible and that incentive is beyond our reach,” he added.

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