Friday, December 5, 2008

Vision 2020: Surface water for all

Vision 2020: Surface water for all
BANGALORE: State Planning Board chairman D H Shankaramurthy has said that the draft of the vision document - a road map for the overall development of the state by 2020, is almost ready and will soon be hosted on the government website for suggestions from public.

The draft document would be placed before the meeting of the Planning Board to be held on Friday for approval. Once approved, the document would be hosted on the website calling suggestions, Murthy told reporters on Wednesday.

Among various things, the vision document deals with issues like drinking water, roads, power and health
prominently, the Minister said, adding that it proposed a project envisaging surface drinking water supply to all cities and villages in the state.

At present, only 30 per cent of the state population was getting surface water, considered to be the safest source of drinking water. The document stressed the need for increase in the area covered by surface drinking water, at least by another 40 per cent in the next five years, he added.

Noting that about Rs 50,000 crore was needed to provide surface water, the Minister said that arranging such huge amount of funds would not be a problem for the state as the Union government had earmarked funds for the purpose.

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