Friday, December 5, 2008

Kids and safe water...

Kids hate traffic jams the most-Bangalore-Cities-The Times of India
he nation's IT capital could be hip and happening for tourists but civic issues seem to be troubling its children. The Children's
Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA) conducted a survey on how child-friendly Bangalore is. The study released on Thursday show 66% of children in the city feel unsafe to go out alone.

Among other things, the most common problems they listed were regarding safe drinking water for all, good roads, power cuts and a cleaner environment. The study focussed on private school students and government school students separately and revealed they have different perceptions of the city.

It was conducted in October and November 2008 and around 4,000 children between 13 to 15 years were the respondents. About 90% students of government schools and 57% from private schools love the city because of opportunities to study and variety of schools and colleges here. However, 8% government-school children like Bangalore for its malls and theatres as compared to 39% of private school students. Topping the hate list for 73% of private school kids were Bangalore's roads and traffic jams. And, 78% of government school children identified lack of safe drinking water supply as an issue as compared to 45% of private school children. Among other interesting revelations and discrepancies between experiences of private and government school students, power shortage, bad behaviour on buses and many government school students walking to schools were identified as important issues.

State chief secretary Sudhakar Rao said: "I represent the state government so I'll ensure that all your findings will reach the respective departments. These are the same problems that adults also face every day. So smile and take it easy. My wish-list to the CM is the same as yours," he said. Though he did not focus on any specifics, he said measures are being taken like using technology in traffic management
, increase in traffic personnel, pushing for power conservation and supply of CNG by 2011.

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