Monday, June 11, 2007

Rain refugees-Bangalore-Cities-The Times of India

Rain refugees-Bangalore-Cities-The Times of India: "
JP Nagar V Phase: Houses are locked up, several residents are moving out. And if you are wondering whether this area has been hit by plague, you can be forgiven.For the problem is nothing short of the plague: Sewage flooding into homes!Fed up with dirty water swirling through their homes and dangerous open drains/ dug-up roads just outside, residents of this area have become 'rain refugees'. Though in the heart of hi-tech Bangalore, they have had to abandon their homes and relocate to other places. The problem is, these areas are prone to constant flooding during monsoon. The residents' routine: pump out sullage-mixed rainwater from their houses, and prepare for the next day's rain bout. (snip)

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