Saturday, June 23, 2007

BWSSB working on making rainwater harvesting a movement The Hindu : Karnataka / Bangalore News :

The Hindu : Karnataka / Bangalore News : BWSSB working on making rainwater harvesting a movement: "
'Enforcement of bye-laws pertaining to rainwater harvesting must be stringent like in Chennai. While there are laws to ensure that every new building has RWH systems, the same laws should be applied to old constructions as well,' K. Jothiramalingam, Principal Secretary, Urban Development Department, said at a workshop on rainwater harvesting for plumbers on Thursday.Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) Chairman N.C. Muniyappa said that while Rs. 400 crore was being spent every year on rainwater harvesting initiatives in rural areas of the State, very little was done in urban centres.He urged the corporates, Defence establishments and institutions like the Indian Institute of Science and Indian Institute of Management, which have large tracts of land, to take active part in the rainwater harvesting drive of the BWSSB.


Anitha.R said...

Rain water harvesting has been made mandatory, it is certainly a good step, no day is late, it is implimented only on new buildings. How far are we going to be successful in our motive of ground water recharjing which is a very important resource of the country at large. As I have gone from department to department in the corporation even the chief engineers doesnot have any idea about this. How much safe is it to recharge the ground with unfiltered water. why are we not making any bylaws for the quality of water that has to be allowed for infiltration. Finally how do people know who can help them in rain water harvesting.

sas said...

Yes it's frustrating to get info from government agencies. You can contact people at on how to go about for a Rain water harvesting structure