Monday, March 26, 2007

Mar 2007-The Hindu : Metro Plus Bangalore : Message in a bottle

The Hindu : Metro Plus Bangalore : Message in a bottle: "
Dr. Urs concedes that the growth of Bangalore has been without adequate state supply, especially in the CMC areas where bottled water is not a culture but necessity. But he is extremely critical of government policy across India that blindly promotes the growth of the bottled water industry, which is one of the most carbon-inefficient ways of transporting water. Dr. Urs cites the case of Andhra Pradesh where a plan is being mooted to supply bottled water to villages.Isaac Arul Selva from the Campaign Against Water Privatisation Karnataka, blames the rational that if you pay for it, it must be good. He says the situation in our state is not as bad as in Tamil Nadu where according to him 'not a single glass of water is available other than in bottles or sachets.'Selva is currently protesting the plan to have '100 per cent' metering of water in Bangalore, which he says would deny sections of society that cannot afford metering piped water.Rozario points to a tradition in the country that person on his deathbed gets a last glass of water. He warns that in the future it might be necessary to keep Rs. 5 in the pocket to pay for it. 'I am uncomfortable with the whole concept. The government has really washed its hands off proving safe drinking water.'

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