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Leaking sewage to get a fix with BWSSB plan

Leaking sewage to get a fix with BWSSB plan

Leaking sewage to get a fix with BWSSB plan

First Published : 04 Nov 2009 04:11:00 AM IST

BANGALORE: The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has come up with an “Environment Action Plan” (EAP) to stop the damage caused by leakage of sewage and its flow in storm water drains.

According to the plan, all the major sewerage lines that have more than 450-mm diameter pipes would be replaced with much stronger pipes of the same or higher diameter to ensure free flow of sewage and to stop leakages. These pipelines would be replaced in all the four sewage valleys - Koramangala, Challaghatta, Hebbal and Vrishabavathi.

New lines would be drawn to connect all the illegal sewage connections that have been diverted to the storm water drains due to the lack of sewage lines. The illegal sewage connections connected to the storm water drains would be legalised by connecting them to the existing underground sewage lines.

BWSSB has made three detailed project reports - EAP A, B and C - and has obtained the government’s approval for the same.

Around 245 kms of pipelines would be replaced in the three plans put together. The government has also sanctioned Rs 35 crore for implementation of the plan in Hebbal constituency. BWSSB will be spending Rs 32 crore for the replacement of 6-km long pipeline in the constituency and the remaining amount would be spent on repairing the lateral pipelines.

Jawaharlal Nehru National Rural Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) has already sanctioned Rs 46 crore for EAP-A and Rs 176 crore for EAP-B and is in the process of sanctioning the required amount for EAP-C.

A BWSSB official said, “Our aim is to ensure that the sewage does not flow in the storm water drains or roads. With the implementation of this plan, the ill-effects of sewage flowing in the open will be mitigated; therefore, we also call it the zero sewage plan.”

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