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Eye in the sky to spot water thieves

Haha..Do they know what pipes are running where first of all? Some body is making bucks....didnt see any results anywhere...another pilot another day
Eye in the sky to spot water thieves
Eye in the sky to spot water thieves

N R Madhusudhan
First Published : 31 Oct 2009 08:08:12 AM IST
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BANGALORE: Water thieves might have to mend their ways soon to avoid punishment, as the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) is exploring possibilities of using a Geo Satellite Seismic Radar Survey (GSSRS) system to detect water leakage, water pilferage and theft of its properties.

A BWSSB official said, “We are trying this system on an experimental basis on a one-kilometre stretch on Avenue Road and we have engaged private company, Binary Care Software Technologies, for the purpose. According to them, even a small leak can be traced immediately, which will help us in fixing such leaks at the earliest.

It will also help us trace water pilferage, which will be of great help to the department.” With GSSRS, a satellite survey will be conducted round-the-clock in the marked area and its pictures will be transmitted through Geographical Position Remote Sensing (GPRS) to computers installed for monitoring.

The experts can immediately ascertain if there is a leakage, water pilferage or theft of the department’s properties within the given area after assessing the transmitted photos.

The area can be marked, based on the Geographical Information Survey (GIS) conducted by BWSSB.

GIS has all the details of all the properties of the department including water connections, water sources, pipelines and its offices in different areas.

Pipelines that are three metres deep can easily be studied without digging the ground.

This system can be used to ascertain the nature of the pipes that have been laid, size of the pipes, water flow durations and other details.

It will help the authorities to trace if there are any unauthorised connections within the given area and to spot any leakage.

GSSRS is expected to drastically reduce the amount of unaccounted water, which is fixed at 36 per cent of the total water supplied by BWSSB.


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