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Worry for Bangalore, Mysore as monsoon plays truant

Worry for B�lore, Mysore as monsoon plays truant
Worry for Mysore as monsoon plays truant

K Shivakumar | ENS
First Published : 25 Jun 2009 02:45:28 PM IST
Last Updated : 25 Jun 2009 03:11:54 PM IST

MYSORE: If the monsoon continues to play truant in the next couple of weeks, Mysoreans and Bangaloreans might be left with parched throats. The water levels in the Kabini and Krishna Raja Sagar reservoirs, the only source

of drinking water to Mysore, Bangalore, Mandya and other towns have touched the bottom.This year, Waynad in Kerala and Madikeri regions have not received substantial rains which has affected the inflow into Kabini reservoir

and Cauvery catchment area. Unlike this year, the state had received heavy

rains during this time in the previous year and has registered considerable increase in the inflow into reservoirs. According to sources, the water level at Kabini reservoir is 2264.68 feet against the maximum 2284 ft. The water level was 2266.09 ft with the inflow of 3,640 cusecs during the previous year.The water supply in Bangalore will be hit if the water level slips down by 2,259 ft as the reservoir is hardly left with just 9 TMC ft of water as against a maximum

of 17.5 TMC ft now.


As the Kabini catchment area received less rains this year, the farming community is in distress. No preparation has been made to cultivate paddy as

there is no water released into irrigation canals. Mysore city will also face

shortage as the water level in the KRS level has dipped. While, the water level was 103.04 ft during the corresponding year following a heavy downpour in Madikeri. Further depletion in water level by 68 ft would force the Water Board officials to pump water from the tank bed. Karnataka Sugar Cane Growers Association president Kurbur Shantha Kumar said the government should

release three tmc water into the KRS to save the sugarcane crop in isveshwariah canal area.

"The failure of the government to get water released from Hemavathi to

water sugarcane crops will affect the farmers. This apart, erratic power supply

has further worsened the situation," he added. The failure of monsoon

may also hit power generation at KRS, Kabini and Shivanasamudra in Mandya

district apart from chances of water dispute between the neighbouring states. There will be pressure from the Tamil Nadu government to release water from Karnataka reservoirs as per the Cauvery tribunal interim judgment.

Madikeri district has recorded 422.81 m rains from January to June 24 as against 662.69 m in the previous year. The delay in monsoon will affect coffee and paddy cultivation in the district. The farmers fear that the state might witness an acute drinking water crisis if the water level at reservoirs comes down further.

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