Thursday, May 28, 2009

More water to city by 2011 - Bangalore - Cities - The Times of India

More water to city by 2011 - Bangalore - Cities - The Times of India
With the city fast expanding, water shortage is becoming increasingly common. However, there seems to be some timely relief.

The government on Monday inaugurated the Cauvery 2nd phase, 4th stage project that will bring additional 500 MLD of water to the city by 2011. Chief minister B S Yeddyurappa announced 30 more jetting vehicles for cleaning sewage, and free water meters for slum dwellers.

The project, worth Rs 3,383.7 crore, is assisted by Japan International Cooperation Association. It involves water supply and waste water management. Processing and pumping of water will be taken up in three centres.

Cauvery water will be drawn from Shiva Anekat to Torekadanahalli, where it will be treated. Since Bangalore is above 1,500 feet from the river base, water will be pumped from T K Halli, Harohalli and Tataguni.

A BWSSB official said contractors have been selected and the civil work will start soon. Steel Authority of India will supply steel plates for the manufacture of pipes.


* With monsoon around the corner, BWSSB will get 30 new jetting machines worth Rs 6.15 crore to clean drains

* The capacity of each vehicle is 6,000 litres

* "These machines have been launched because Bangalore has expanded to 750 sq km. We hope these initiatives will make things easier for the city," Yeddyurappa said.


* 350 slums in BBMP core areas will get free meters

* 17,500 slum dwellers have been identified; 50 got meter cards on Monday

* Free meters will ensure they pay water bill and help detect unauthorized connections

* Rs 800 for meter and Rs 270 for connection waived

* Slum dwellers who failed to pay bills on time are unable to do so because of huge interest. The government has decided to waive this interest, amounting to Rs 5 crore. Waiver opted by 12,000 residents

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