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Community will be crucial factor

Community will be crucial factor-Bangalore-Cities-The Times of India
Its election time....Civic affairs matters as this article points out....

In what was once Bangalore North, you didn't win because of a good road. In what is now Bangalore North too, it's the same.
From the Lok Sabha results from as far back as 1971, the minority community factor and the national presence and strength of a party made a difference then, wherein Congress had a dominant presence. And, it seems to be the case now too.

The minority community factor in earlier Bangalore North is evident from the fact that people voted differently in the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections with LS elections seeing a victorious candidate from the minority community for the past 30 years.

In the new Bangalore North, it is a mix of minority community and caste factors. While minority population continues to be significant in the new Bangalore North, the addition of new areas has meant a solid presence of the Vokkaliga community. A minority candidate will have to woo Vokkaliga voters and a Vokkaliga candidate will have to woo minority voters here.

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Civic factor

In terms of civic necessities that may crop up as issues in this election, the entire constituency is looking at three critical factors and one factor common with all of Bangalore: people would like better and regular water supply in many constituencies, particularly Byatarayanapura, Dasarahalli and Pulakeshinagar; motorable roads and better bus connections in and between these areas; easier availability of basic needs like oil, kerosene, gas and food commodities at PDS outlets. Regular electricity is also keenly awaited although every summer it is a problem all over Bangalore.

K R Puram, Yeshwantpur and Mahalakshmi layout are seeing a bit of infrastructure development in recent times though congestions could be eased in K R Puram. Malleswaram is by and large doing well.


Assembly constituencies

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Voters: 21 lakh

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