Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rs 36,146 cr needed to fix Bangalore

Rs 36,146 cr needed to fix Bangalore
This is the amount of money the state government needs in the next five years to fix Bangalore. This according to the memorandum submitted by the state government to the 13th Finance commission.

In the memorandum, the government has said that total requirement to fill the service gaps in Bangalore’s core infrastructure services like water supply, sewerage, roads, among other things, over the next five years is Rs 36,146 crore at the current prices. The numbers are based on a report submitted by the Credit Rating Information Services of India (CRISIL) to the state government. According to the report, Rs 20,020 crore is required by the BBMP, Rs 11,030 crore by BWSSB while the BDA will require Rs 5,096 crore.

Water for all

The water supply in the BBMP area is about 143 litre per capita per day (lpcpd) against the norm of 180 lpcpd and it is not uniform.

Some parts get as less as 17 lpcpd. Investment of Rs 8,089 cr is needed, including water augmentation by 476 Million Litres per day (MLD), construction of a 601 MLD capacity treatment plant, extension of distribution network and about 416 MLD storage reservoirs.

Drain out the storm water

Only 50 per cent of the BBMP area is presently covered by storm water drains. By 2012, the BBMP needs to construct 3,184 km of new drains and upgrade 2,734 km of existing drains, which will call for an investment of about Rs 1,478 crore.

Dump sewage

In addition to refurbishment the existing network, there is a need to develop an additional sewage treatment capacity of 446 MLD and a new sewer network of about 4,862 km requiring about Rs 2,941 crore by 2011-12.

To light up our streets

BBMP needs to add about 1,07,347 new lights to achieve optimum gap between lamp-posts and upgrade 23,226 tube lights to sodium vapour lamps by 2012. These will add up to about Rs 145 crore of investment.

All roads lead here

The total road network in the BBMP is estimated to be about 7,750 kmlong.

The BBMP will require 2,372 km of additional roads by 2012. About Rs 1,628 crore is required for new roads, to upgrade about 267 km of tar roads to concrete, and to convert about 1,417 km and 1,622 km kacha roads to tar roads. Another Rs 5,096 crore of investment is required by the BDA to construct the Peripheral Ring Road.

Solid Waste

Bangalore presently generates about 3,500 Metric Tonnes of solid waste per day and by 2012 this would increase to about 4,457 MT per day. The BBMP will need a disposal site of about 443 acres. For this and to bridge the gap in waste carrying capacity of BBMP as well as container bins the BBMP needs to invest about Rs 677 cr.

Urban poor and slums

About a million people live in 573 slums in the BBMP area.

According to the BBMP of the 3,08,183 existing slum households, about 58,000 will be rehabilitated.

The construction of new houses will require about Rs 2,629 crore.

Beautifying B’lore and more

Apart from these core services, other infrastructure like rainwater harvesting, beautification of gardens, lake development, fire system, urban renewal and governance development would require an investment of Rs, 2,948 cr.

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