Monday, August 11, 2008

B'lore gets its first eco-friendly campus

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A Bangalore-based developer has built an entire campus that is self-sustainable. Steel and cement are pass�. Residential complexes in Bangalore are all set to turn green. BCIL's (Biodiversity Conservation of India limited) T-ZED or Total Zero Energy Development community is one of Bangalore's first eco-friendly living spaces. It is a campus with no external water supply, or sewage disposal system and makes sure that everything is used and re-used in-house.

Amit Chauhan, BCIL said, "This campus can be called as a blend of conventional construction practice and alternative construction approach where we have used materials that are more eco-friendly and low on embodied energy. Concrete which is very high energy item has been either replaced or the total usage has been reduced."

If you're used to the good life and can't do without your air conditioners running overtime in summer, take cheer, for these homes come designed with eco-friendly refrigerators and air-conditioners. The electronics use more traditional cooling materials that don't burn a hole in the ozone or your pockets and residents pay 30% less on power and 20% less on monthly maintenance, when compared to similar residential complexes.

And if that isn't reason enough to go green, their new projects will come with a conscience meter that will constantly remind you of how much water and electricity you're wasting.

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