Friday, February 8, 2008

BWSSB clueless on bad water source-Bangalore-Cities-The Times of India

BWSSB clueless on bad water source-Bangalore-Cities-The Times of India: "Despite the rising number of acute diarrhoea cases in and around Bharthinagar area, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has been unable to identify the source of water contamination. So far, over 200 people are reportedly suffering from water-borne diseases, showing symptoms in the form of vomiting, dysentery and dehydration.

BWSSB is not surprised. Over the past few days, Bharathinagar residents complained of receiving contaminated water in their households.

The complaints were ignored, and the first few cases of severe illness were reported on Saturday. On Sunday it resulted in the death of a resident - 50-year-old Rekha. On Monday, hospitals in and around the area were packed with patients complaining of vomiting and diarrhoea.

Despite doctors confirming that the ailments were caused by water contamination, BWSSB has so far been unable to locate the source of contamination. Instead, it has launched a cleaning of manholes in Bharathinagar - a problem reported by the residents 15 days ago.

"Water and sewerage pipes have been laid very crudely, and there are possibilities of corrosion or overlapping of pipes, resulting in mixing of water. We haven't been able to locate the source of contamination despite having dug up from Coles Park to Thimmaiah Road. We will continue the exercise on Tuesday as well. The results of the water samples taken will be arriving on Tuesday," said a BWSSB official.

BWSSB also suspended assistant engineer of Central II sub-division, K S Renukumar, for negligence and dereliction of duty after residents put pressure on the organisation. The Board claims that it has flushed, cleaned and desilted 50 overflowing manholes.
Officials also said that water samples collected from this area on January 22 had tested negative for contamination.

The Board has stopped supplying piped water in the area, and has instead been sending tankers. So far, 60 loads of water have been supplied in the area."

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