Thursday, September 27, 2007

All set for land acquisition for two hi-tech industrial layouts The Hindu : Karnataka News :

The Hindu : Karnataka News : All set for land acquisition for two hi-tech industrial layouts: "
Two hi-tech industrial layouts have been planned around Bangalore and they will be contiguous with the five new mega housing layouts to be formed by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA).This is said to be part of a new experiment being launched by the Government to decongest Bangalore and to ensure that people from one residential pocket are not compelled to crisscross the city to reach their workplaces.Called 'the integrated township scheme', the Government has decided to promote integrated townships like what prevailed several decades ago when major industries had a residential township alongside.Sources in the State Secretariat told The Hindu here that the Government, which sometime ago cleared the preliminary proposal and surveys for the formation of the two industrial layouts, was now expected to give the formal nod for acquisition of lands.These lands along with the 15,000 acres of land sought to be acquired by the BDA for the formation of five mega layouts were part of the greenbelt around Bangalore and were recently reclassified following the adoption of the new Comprehensive Development Plan for Bangalore.

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