Friday, April 6, 2007

All hopes rest on April showers:The Hindu : Karnataka / Bangalore News

The Hindu : Karnataka / Bangalore News : All hopes rest on April showers: "
As temperatures in Bangalore unrelentingly hover around 36 degrees Celsius in April, all hopes rest on the summer showers. Horticulturalists and florists long to see their wilting crops revive, and long-time residents of Bangalore want their 'air-conditioned city' back.The April rains or 'mango showers' as they are called are a result of thunderstorms over the Bay of Bengal and normally come in the second half of the month. They have a cooling effect on the city.However, these summer rains are most difficult to predict, according to the Meteorological Centre Director, G.S. Vijayaraghavan.Mr. Vijayaraghavan, pointing to the rainfall figures for the past five years, said rainfall in April was as high as 324 mm in 2001, and as low as 9 mm in 2002. The 'average' rainfall for April was approximately 46 mm, with just three rainy days.
see the figure below for Variation in April over the years

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